York Corner Deli and Ice Cream

by Jenny
(York, Maine)

Do you want a delicious hot or cold sandwich? How about a cup of truly homemade soup? And, of course, who could pass up that fabulous Annabelle's Ice Cream?

You don't need to go far -- York Corner Deli and Ice Cream is right across from Hannaford on Route 1. The sandwiches range from amazing Reubens (original AND a new take on an old favorite!) to fabulous vegetarian options to chicken salad and the not-to-be-missed smoked turkey. There's a selection of delicious breads and all the fixings to make the perfect sandwich.

Enjoy their homemade sides, sweets and soups -- but be sure to save room for Annabelle's when your meal is done. They're open all year round. Trust me! You'll love it!!

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