State of Maine Map

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Think Maine is beautiful?

Even a state of Maine map is beautiful! The state of Maine is lovelier to behold in person, of course, but if you're a map fanatic like me you'll like this page.

And if you're really a map fanatic, make sure you get all the way to the bottom of this page!

This interactive, detailed state of Maine map shows terrain, but you can easily switch to other views such as satellite ("Sat") or to a road map of Maine ("Map") by using the buttons at the top right. Zoom in and out by using the "+" and "-" buttons at the top left.

The big blue place marker at the southern tip of the state of Maine is the town of York - finestkind!

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Note how easy it is to get to York: within an hour's drive or so are Portland Maine, Boston, the Lakes region of New Hampshire and the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

A day's drive will bring you here from Montreal or Quebec (watch for moose in roadway on your way down!), or New York City (watch for speeding tickets on the way up!).

Meet Eartha


Eartha is the world's largest rotating globe, which makes her the world's largest Maine map, since she lives in Yarmouth, Maine at the world headquarters of DeLorme mapping company.

Yarmouth is about an hour's drive from York, 10 minutes north of Portland, and very close to L.L. Bean headquarters in Freeport Maine.

A day trip to Yarmouth is worth it just to marvel at Eartha, but DeLorme also has the coolest map store!

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