Yank's Franks in Wells: Best Hot Dogs in Southern Maine!

by Dee

If you're looking for the best hot dogs in the region, head on over to Yank's Franks on Route 1 in Wells, Maine. Their hot dogs are grilled in butter and served on a buttered, grilled hot dog roll (drool!), and they are the most delicious dogs I've ever eaten! Definitely try the Chili Dog (the chili is phenomenal) and the Yank's Frank, a modified version of the Chicago dog, complete with tomato, onion, pickle, mustard, relish and celery salt...on a buttered, grilled roll. I can eat three or four, depending on whether I have their delicious fries AND onion rings! You'll never eat another steamed dog on a steamed roll once you've had a dog from Yank's Franks. When we're vacationing in Maine, my husband and I eat at Yank's once a day! Enjoy!

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