The Roundabout Diner in Portsmouth, NH

by Jackie
(Wells, Maine)

Okay, I admit it, I am a food junkie and when my friend suggested lunch at a diner, I was more than skeptical.
But, off we went.
This diner is located right off the Portsmouth traffic circle. It is extremely convenient to I-95 and the Rt 1 bypass.
Upon entering, we were greeted immediately and seated. There are ample booths and tables. On a side note, if you go for breakfast on Sunday, be prepared for a wait. It is a Sunday breakfast hotspot. The waitstaff was extremely attentive without being obtrusive.
The interior is decorated as a 1950's diner, think "Happy Days". It does have some very upscale modern touches that does update it. The music is 1950's jukebox. The table was clean, and all condiments full. The top of the ketchup bottle was squeaky clean!! Yes, I notice these details.
Okay, on to the food. I ordered the pulled pork after hearing so much about it around town. It did not disappoint. It was tender and pulled well. No gristly pieces here !! I loved the barbeque sauce they used. It was tangy, smoky, and sweet all at the same time. On top of my sandwich, was a fried pickle. YUM YUM!!
I ordered sweet potato fries as my side, which were crispy and hot.
My friend ordered the barbeque platter. She was impressed with the pulled pork and the ribs.
I do have to say, as a coleslaw connoisseur, I was a little disappointed. I love a spiced up coleslaw.
Go with a big appetite, because the portions are extremely generous. You will not leave hungry. I wish I would have had room for an ice cream soda, or even one of their decadent cocktails. You can check out their menus on line and you will see what I mean.
I enjoyed the food, the atmosphere, and the company.
I would defintely go back. There are so many other dishes I want to try. Oh, happy days......

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