Lucia's KItchen in Cape Neddick Maine

(Cape Neddick, Maine)

Lucia's Kitchen in Cape Neddick has saved dinner for me on more than one occasion. When driving home after work, realizing I haven't had the time to cook a meal let alone grocery shop for the week, I pull in to her (at this point) small kitchen and know I am all set. Lucia's food by the pound makes it easy to customize a meal to satisfy myself and my husband as well as my picky boys. Last time we went I bought a delicious Mexican dish that was like a lasagna with cheese, chicken, a mole sauce and corn tortillas. My kids ate a very cutely named "not your mom's mac n' cheese" and loved it, even with the broccoli! Chocolate chip cookies for dessert and everyone was satisfied. Thanks Lucia!
I can't wait to come to the new place and sit down for lunch!

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