East Chinese Restaurant in Wells, Maine

by Nicole
(York, Maine)

Every so often, I make my husband take us East, which is really North for us, since we live in York.

Why do we go East to Wells?

Well, it's hands-down the fancy schmancy-est Chinese restaurant in the area, what with the marble floors, crystal chandeliers, magnificent red and gold everywhere, huge gift shop up the curving marble staircase...but I wouldn't go there if that was ALL they had.

It's the Sunday buffet we go for, but that's mostly because the kids are with us. I appreciate their buffet for the huge variety of dishes, for having things in it that please my kids, and yet still putting out fresh ginger slices with the sushi and real seaweed to sprinkle on your miso soup. Oh, and the tempura veggies -- I usually load up one whole plate with just those!

But there's also Japanese food on the menu, including a fine-looking sushi bar that's separate from the two dining rooms, and a terrific bar area as well. I have a friend in Kennebunk who goes to that bar with her husband for happy hour frequently, just because they enjoy it so much.

So even if you have your flip-flops on, and you're dragging beach sand all over the marble floor, if you like Asian cuisine, go East, my friends, go East (http://www.eastdining.com).

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